Jerry Booen has set about reconstructing probably the most significant car in Jaguar’s history: the Jaguar XKC 003.

This blog details the various stages of the reconstruction process.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010


The first three C Types Jaguar built differed in many ways from the later “production” C. Triangular bonnet top louvres, four large bonnet side letterbox louvres, lightening holes in the chassis cruciform, black painted chassis, twin SU H6 1¾”, carburettors, Marchal headlamps, headlamp trims, unique bonnet badge, Haynes anti wheelspin axle location, cockpit switches, cockpit trim, numerous detail differences to body and chassis, steel swaged body bulkheads bolted to the chassis to enhance the structure, unique steering rack. Prototype disc brakes. All these features are being faithfully reproduced.

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