Jerry Booen has set about reconstructing probably the most significant car in Jaguar’s history: the Jaguar XKC 003.

This blog details the various stages of the reconstruction process.

Tuesday 1 June 2010

XKC003 History

- Built 1951 never road registered
- Le Mans Whitehead/Walker-winner
- Tourist Trophy Walker -2nd
- Fitted Disc brakes 1952
- Easter Goodwood, Moss- 4th, fastest lap
- Mille Miglia Moss/Dewis-retired after 827 miles whilst in 3rd place.
- Monaco GP Moss crashed-fastest lap
- Dismantled by Jaguar
Note, the full exciting story of the Moss/Dewis Mille Miglia is told in Paul Skilleter's excellent book "Norman Dewis Of Jaguar" published by PJ Publishing. The original pictures in this blog are from the same source.

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